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Tracey loves reading groups both big and small, and is grateful for those who choose her books. Don’t belong to a book club? Grab a friend, neighbor, sister or spouse, and you can be a book club!

Left to right, back row: Mary K, Pat S, Cathy F & Connie R Left to right, front row: Michele P, Audrey M & JoAnn D

As a way to honor those who read her, Tracey would like to host your book club on her website. Please send Tracey ( a picture of your book club members holding their copies of A LADY’S REVENGE and she’ll post your photo below.

Discussion Questions for Your Book Club or Reading Group

Thank you for selecting A LADY’S REVENGE! Here are some questions Tracey put together to get your group started. Enjoy!

  1. A LADY’S REVENGE contains several themes, but the one that’s closest to Tracey’s heart is Cora deBeau’s unrelenting pursuit for justice. Have you, or someone you cared about, ever been wronged? How did you handle the situation?
  2. Cora’s courage and determination to regain control of her life is one her greatest strengths. It’s also her weakness. In what ways did Cora jeopardize the safety of her loved ones, while attempting to eliminate Valère? Is there anything she could have done differently?
  3. Guy Trevelyan patiently helps Cora overcome her fear of a man’s touch. Have you ever been afflicted with an unnatural fear that kept you from enjoying life? If so, did you have someone to help you through the rough spots?
  4. Dinks is Cora’s greatest supporter and most ardent critic. Do you have someone in your life who will lift you up during difficult times and let you know when you’re being a bubble head?
  5. One of the aspects of A LADY’S REVENGE that makes it unique to other Regency romances is its raw, onscreen scenes. How do you feel about an author killing off a beloved secondary character? Do you like it when the author takes you to the “she-won’t-go-there” dark place? Does violence, of any sort, in a Regency romance turn you off?
  6. Because of her stint in Valère’s dungeon, Cora hates rats. Is there a creature that will send you running in the opposite direction?
  7. What one thing surprised you most while reading A LADY’S REVENGE?

Printable Readers Guide

Thanks again for choosing A LADY’S REVENGE for your book club read!