ISBN: 978-1-948075-07-7
Publisher: Steele Ridge, LLC
Number of Pages: 328
Sequence Number: 1

Craving HEAT, Book 1

The Kingstons

Welcome to the first novel in our Kingston cousins series! Readers met a few of the Kingstons--Maggie, Cash & Riley--in our popular Steele Ridge: The Steeles series. The Kingstons is a standalone series. However, readers will enjoy cameos from their fav Steele characters.

So grab your copy of Craving HEAT and continue your exploration of Steele Ridge, North Carolina.


As the first female sheriff of Steele Ridge, Maggie Kingston is prepared for all kinds of trouble… just not the mess that invades her town when a superstar quarterback moves in, bringing his big-city problems with him. Jayson Tucker hasn’t been a resident for one day before Maggie is struggling with crowd control, deranged fans, and dozens of reporters camped outside her station, ready to record the latest scandal for primetime TV.

When Jayson reveals startling evidence about a charity he’s been supporting, Maggie suspects there’s more to his story than what the media circus around him is leading everyone to believe. Is there a coordinated smear campaign against Jayson? If so, how far will his enemies go to make sure he stays benched permanently?

While things heat up between Maggie and Jay, they must work together to separate truth from fiction. Time is running out to identify the threat to Jay’s life—and to catch a foe who will stop at nothing to settle the score in their favor.