ISBN: 978-1-940677-01-9
Publisher: TDC Creations, Inc.
Imprint: Defiance
Number of Pages: 26
Sequence Number: 1

His Secret Desire, Book 1

Tea Time Novella

A young lady is faced with the impossible choice of losing her precious racing stable or accepting the treacherous hand of her handsome, wealthy neighbor.

Lily Weston struggles to save her family’s racing stable while her brother’s gambling submerges them deeper into debt.  She’s confident their prized thoroughbred will win a substantial purse at a prestigious race in a month, however, the machinations of her handsome neighbor hurtles Lily into a web of deceit…and temptation.

Julian’s attempts at wooing Lily gently have gone unnoticed.  When her brother’s bungling efforts to save their indebted racing stable goes awry, Julian finds himself in a unique position to help his beautiful neighbor and grasp his secret desire.



I hope you enjoyed His Secret Desire, my first published work. Back in 2007, after finishing the rough draft (very rough) of A Lady’s Revenge, I wrote HSD. Somewhere along the way, I had been given the sage advice to set aside a finished manuscript and let it percolate for a while before beginning the editing process.

So, I let Cora and Guy simmer for a few short weeks while I explored Lily and Julian's love story. Then, courageously, I sent it off to The Wild Rose Press for consideration. Much to my surprise, TWRP offered to publish my sweet Regency romance. I cried happy tears during the whole process. To a writer, there’s nothing like getting your first edits, seeing your first galley (the stage when your manuscript finally looks like a book), and viewing your first cover. I’ll never forget the summer of 2007. Ever.

Thanks to the magic of self-publishing, I’m now able to return His Secret Desire to readers (with a few minor edits!). Huge, heartfelt thanks to Kathy Andrico of Kathy’s Review Corner for being my first fan and for encouraging me to resurrect HSD.



"I absolutely adored His Secret Desire. Tracey Devlyn skillfully turned her short story into a romance with a personable hero and heroine, touching emotion, and a satisfying ending. I eagerly await future titles by this author." ~ Kathy Andrico, Kathy's Review Corner, 2008 Gem