Glitch at Amazon - A Lady's Secret

April 25, 2022

UPDATE: I managed to get the issue resolved with Amazon. In order to do so, I had to set up a whole new book. Unfortunately, Amazon won't notify the readers who preordered the A Lady's Secret that it's now available. My offer below still stands. Please email me your preorder receipt, and I'll send you a 50% off coupon for my bookstore.


Amazon cancelled A Lady's Secret preorder! I'm so sorry this happened. The email I receive said that I had not submitted the final manuscript, which is not true. The real reason is that I've been going back and forth with them on trying to prove that I have the right to publish the book.

If you're not aware, the first three books in the Nexus Spymasters series was previously published with Sourcebooks. They relinquished the rights to those books to me on March 16, 2021. I provided Sourcebooks's reversion letter to Amazon--just like I did for the first two books--but they're not accepting it for this one.

For those of you who have preordered A Lady's Secret, I'm so sorry it wasn't available on April 26 at Amazon. However, you can order it at my online bookshop (.mobi/Kindle files available). Please contact me at, and I'll send you a 50% off coupon to purchase A Lady's Secret from my store. 

Again, I'm so sorry. I'm working hard to get this fixed!