Keeper Kase Cards

What is a Keeper Kase™?

It’s the extraordinary brainchild of New York Times Bestselling author Dianna Love. The Keeper Kase™ is a handy 4″ x 6″ photo album that holds multiple signed (and personalized!) 4″ x 6″ book covers of your favorite books (digital or print!). Here’s a glimpse:



I’ve joined an amazing group of enterprising authors who want to make sure all their readers have a keepsake of their favorite books. Below, are the cover                                  cards you can get from me now.



Would you like the above Keeper Kase starter card, plus one of the four covers showing (signed and personalized)?

 Send a self-addressed stamped envelope ($.65 covers the postage for 2 cards) in a regular #10 envelope to:

Tracey Devlyn, P.O. Box 6266, Elgin, IL 60121

Want more book covers for your Keeper Kase™?

Check out these amazing authors…

Dianna Love Nancy Naigle Adrienne Giordano Jeanne Adams
Anne Elizabeth Colleen Gleason Debbie Kaufman Nancy Northcott
Kelly L. Stone Joss Ware Shannyn Schroeder Mary Buckham
Tonya Kappes Ella Quinn Reece Ryan Berinn Rae